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Plants are People too: Botany Podcast

Tom Groves

Centering around the topics of botany, taxonomy, native flora, ecological and the evolutionary traits of plants, this podcast is designed to bring attention to and broaden the botanical knowledge of it's audience. While we can't know everything, with this podcast I hope to spark ideas and curiosity of the audience to dig deeper into botanical realms. Primarily focused on the native flora of North American, and in particular, New England, the majority of the topics and botanical species discussed will pertain to the Northeast region of the United States. Enjoy.Send Questions, Show Ideas or anything botanically relevant to or on IG @plants.are.people.too
Episode 30: All About Phenology with Director of the National Phenology Network, Dr. Theresa Crimmins November 27, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 29: Orchid Genus Platanthera and the Species and Lobelia Species in New EnglandNovember 20, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 28: Botanical 2022 Season Storytime and Phenology of PlantsNovember 13, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 27: Seed Germination Experiments, Clear Cuts Vs. Patch Cuts and Digital HerbariumsNovember 06, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 26: Vermont Rare Plant Population Research: Collinsonia canadensis (Stoneroot), Process, ResultsOctober 29, 2022 Episode artwork Ep. 25: Kill Your Mums, Cullowhee Native Plant Conference in Review, Common Symphyotrichum Species in New EnglandOctober 18, 2022 Episode artwork Ep. 24: Finding Rare Plants in New Hampshire and VermontMay 29, 2022 Episode artwork Ep. 23: Mountainair and Pediularis in the Manzano Mountains, Cryptantha in Santa Fe and Threats and Burgers in Taos May 15, 2022 Episode artwork Ep. 22: Pecos Diamonded in Rockhound State Park, Silver City, Black Range and Truth or ConsequencesMay 08, 2022 Episode artwork Ep. 21: Spring New Mexico Botanical Roadtrip Part 1May 01, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 20: Special Guests @letsbotanize (Ben Goulet-Scott and Jacob Suissa) and the Democratization of Botanical KnowledgeApril 03, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 19: Greg Nelson (@thebogboy) Tries Moxie™ Soda for the First Time and Tells Us How to Set Up a Bog Plant GardenMarch 20, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 18: Tanner Filyaw, Plant Propagation Manager with United Plant Savers, Non-Timber Forest Products, Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), and Growing Wild-Simulated Woodland Medicinal Plants for Native Plant ConservationMarch 13, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 17: Dr. Lauren Erland Research Associate at the University of British Columbia, Kelowna discusses Arctic native plant conservation, plant conservation techniques with agar for species in the Orobanchaceae Family and plant hormones Melatonin and SeMarch 06, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 16: Amanda Weise Research Botanist with the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Non-Orthodox Plant Species, Butternuts (Juglans cinerea), Rhodiola (rosea and integrifolia, Disjunct Plant SpeciesFebruary 27, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 15: Matt Charpentier Field Botanist and VP of New England Botanical Society, Crepidomanes intricatum (Weft Fern/Appalachian Bristle Fern), Survey Biases as Biologists/Botanists and GemmaeFebruary 20, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 14: Equisetaceae (Horse-tail) Family of Plants closely related to the FernsFebruary 13, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 13: Phragmites (Native Vs. Non-Native), and Cat-Tails: the Typhaceae Family of Flowering Plants (Typha and Sparganium) February 06, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 12: MADCapHorse, Introduction to Caprifoliaceae Family of Flowering Plants, Invasive and Native Lonicera (Honeysuckles) species in New England, Diervilla (The other Honeysuckle), Triosetum (Horse Gentian, not a gentian at all), January 30, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 11: Special Guest: Chris Schorn, Botanist and Senior Land Steward at Midcoast Conservancy in Maine discusses common New England lichen species, symbionts, reproduction and terminology, but also BotanyJanuary 23, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 10: Rob Kretz from Prairie Moon Nursery in Winona, Minnesota with wild-type native plant seeds, How to Kill Your Lawn and Plant a Prairie, Veronicastrum virginicum (Culver's Root), Epigenetics, and Fire Management for Long Term RestorationJanuary 16, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 9: Auto Flowering Cannabis with Vermont Cultivator and Seed Collector @closetmedicine, Australian Bastards, Vermont Cannabis Laws, Recreation Market and a Way for Vermont Residents to get Free Seeds!January 09, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 8: Weed Orchid (Epipactus helleborine) & Oxycodone, Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia humifusa), Poison Oak, Ivy and Sumac (Toxicodendron)January 02, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 7: Hunting Dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium pusillum) in a black spruce swamp, Phoradendron the other mistletoe genus, Climbing Fern (Lygodium palmatum) & Don't Encourage the Spread Invasive Plants...Charlie Nardozzi!December 26, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 6: Nathan Buchanan from Wildbud Natives, Buffalonut (Pyrularia pubera), Penstemon smallii and digitalis, Ethical Ramp Harvesting and Germinating Woodland Plant SeedsDecember 19, 2021 Episode artwork